About Us

Arogyadhatri Ayurveda Hospital and Research Institute was established in 2005 By a team of dedicated Ayurveda doctors. Our aim is to provide scientific combination of Ayurveda and Yoga therapies in a purest traditional form to treat toughest and most complicated diseases. Creating awareness about perfect life style based on Universal Health Principles is another important motive of our organisation. We are conducting online and direct workshops, seminars, exhibitions and other awareness programs to spread universal health Principles

Number of people come to our hospital after recurrent surgeries for back pain and arthritis. Ultimate solution for all degenerative disorders is stopping the degeneration process, starting the regeneration in skeletal system and strengthening the weakened joints and prolapsed cartilages of the body.
At AROGYADHATRI, Ayurveda is being practiced holistically which includes

  • Cleansing therapies to remove harmful toxins which trigger the degeneration process in the body
  • Nourishing therapies to regenerate the deranged joints and discs
  • Strengthening therapies to prevent future recurrence
  • Food modifications to ensure optimum nourishment to the skeletal system
  • Yogic procedures to maintain the good effects of the therapies. A lot number of doctors themselves are undergoing these treatments at AROGYADHATRI as they are really aware of the harmful effects of surgeries.
  • Dr.Sundar Raj Perumall chief physician of AROGYADHATRI is trained in a rarest ancient treatment procedure called Vahni karma which includes a transfer of thermal energy to the affected part of the skeletal system through an instrument called vahnikarmasalaka. Vahni karma is helping a lot number of patients to get rid of pain without painkillers and surgeries.

    Arogyadhatri Ayurveda Research Institute

    Near Bank Of Baroda, Muralinagar branch,
    Murali Nagar, Visakhapatnam,
    Andhra Pradesh 530007

    Arogyadhatri Ayurveda Ashram

    Murali krishna nagar near SBI,
    Andhra Pradesh 531035
    Phone Number: 089125 43778
    Email: info@arogyadhatri.com, aarogyadhatri@gmail.com