LOWER back pain has been described by most of the doctors as the most painful condition a person could possibly experience in their life. In most of the patients a clear degenerative change in neck or back bones and cartilage is seen which often forces them to use harmful pain killers so that they can perform their activities normally.

Back pain is associated with severe pain in lower back region, hip region, radiating pain in thighs, lower leg and some times till toes, burning sensation or tingling sensation all along the lower limbs etc. Neck pain is usually associated with reeling sensation, numbness in hands and fingers radiating pain from neck to arms, and ocassionally head ache and vomiting sensation.  Nerve root compression due to bulged cervical discs which causes the above symptoms should not be neglected as it often leads to risky surgeries which some times have more serious complications than the neck pain itself.

Recent advanced medical research confirms that Vahnikarma, an Ayurvedic Treatment Procedure described in Sushruta Samhita 5000 years back is the most effective therapy in treating Back and Neck Pains even today.

Arogyadhatri Ayurveda Hospital is playing a pivotal role in combining traditional ayurvedic knowledge with latest scientific inventions of quantum physics in curing back pain and neck pain with out any recurrence. Vahni karma is an ancient treatment procedure which helps in curing any kind of pain arising due to lumbar or cervical spondylitis, disc prolapse or disc degeneration, sciatica, spondylolesthesis and arthritis which inturn are indications of the degeneration and weakening of the musculo skeletal and nervous systems. Dr Sundar Raj Perumall is one of the few Doctors who are practising Vahni karma therapy. Thermal energy is transferred to the degenerated and damaged discs through a special instrument called vahni karma salaka, which heals and regenerates the discs. Vahni karma therapy is very effective in treating chronic degeneration of discs in spinal cord as well as acute disc bulges and disc prolapses. Four to five weeks of panchakarma therapy is given to strengthen the discs before giving the vahni karma therapy. This is a safe procedure which can be completed in just 45 minutes.

A combination of Panchakarma Therapy, Vahnikarma therapy, healthy diet and yogic excercises, stress free & peaceful mind is proven to be the best solution for any kind of neck, back or joint pains.