Skin is not only the largest organ of the body but also is the index of internal health according to the vedic texts. It is amazing to know that we make a new skin every month. New skin cells continuously replace the older ones without our knowledge. Now the question arises if fresh cells continuously replace older ones then why do people show their aging signs through wrinkles on skin when they actually are producing new skin cells. Another question arises why some people look younger with a youthful and radiating skin in their fifties and sixties while others look miserably aged in their twenties and thirties. Why do people suffer with chronic skin diseases for years while their skin is being renewed every month. These questions when answered with vedic facts open a new horizon of revolutionary dermatological science.

Beating around the bush:

Healthy Skin represents the balance in internal environment. Any disturbance in the harmony of internal metabolism expresses itself as skin disease. It is possible to produce a perfectly healthy skin out of a diseased one even in the most serious skin diseases. It is also possible to preserve the glow and to improve the radiance of the skin even after fifties and sixties provided the change is started from the most subtle and deeper systems of the body. Using only external applications such as creams and oils is like beating around the bush as they cannot correct the internal route cause of the problem.

Dual nature of suffering

Skin diseases not only make people suffer because of the symptoms like itching burning etc but also make them embarrassed as everyone recognises and avoid people with skin diseases. Few of such disorders are Psoriasis, Eczema, leukoderma, Allergic dermatitis etc.

Psoriasis is a non-infective skin disease which causes a lot of anguish and suffering because of both appearance of skin and the suffering it causes are very much severe .

SCALY SKIN DEEP WITHIN Typical symptoms of psoriasis includes silvery scales ,which get peeled off by rubbing, exposing swollen red skin with small red spots of blood. These are found especially around elbows, knees, and scalp. It is also commonly found on upper buttocks, palms, soles of the feet and genitals. Though it appears to be a problem of skin it even penetrates the joints and causes severe joint pains typically known as psoriatic arthritis.


Skin with psoriasis tends to grow faster than skin not affected by psoriasis. Normal skin cells take four weeks to go from the bottom skin layer to the top skin layer, where they die. Skin with psoriasis grows and dies off in only three to four days. The cells pile up on top of each other ,making silvery white scales that are called plaques. The pile of cells makes the skin under it inflamed, red and itchy.


Psoriasis tends to run in families, just as one inherits his grand mothers eyes or grandfathers nose. But it is not at all contagious. One cannot catch psoriasis from a person who is having it. There is no bacteria or virus or any other organism in the skin except for the excess dead cells which are the result of increased growth of skin cells. Recent researches have proved mind body connection particularly in psoriasis disease where people with higher stress levels are more prone to psoriasis. Stress also increases the frequency of incidence and intensity of the disease. Other causes like changes in weather, injuries, illnesses, starting and stopping any medications can lead to a flare up of psoriasis. Certain kinds of diet immediately aggravates psoriasis according to the patients internal constitution.


No antibiotics, antibacterial, or anti-viral drugs can wage a war against psoriasis. Bringing harmony and balance in the internal health is the only solution for psoriasis. Most of the dermatologists prescribe oral steroids and steroidal ointment to suppress psoriasis but it bounces back as and when patients stop those medications. More over the adverse effects of long term use of steroids is well known even to the common man nowadays.


Cornering the disease from all sides by creating unfavourable conditions for the disease to stay in our body by a set of health practices is the holistic approach for psoriasis. It includes 1) cleansing therapies 2)Harmonising therapies 3)Food modifications 4)Mental and physical exercises. At AROGYADATRI AYURVEDA HOSPITAL all the above are being practised on a large number of psoriasis patients.

CLEANSING THERAPIES : Sodhana chikitsa is the vedic term used for removing harmful toxins like free radicals, from each and every cell of the body. Ayurveda gives utmost importance to internal purification which not only cleanses the body but also strengthens the mind. At AROGYA DHAATRI 5 types of ancient cleansing therapies are given to the patients of psoriasis. Patients get wonderful experiences during the removal of bodily toxins which not only purifies but also rejuvenates and revitalises each and every cell of the body.

HARMONISING THERAPIES: After purification of the body, the mind body connection is corrected through these harmonising therapies. At AROGYADHATRI patients experience the awakening of internal intelligence which is responsible in creating a healthy skin which is strong within. Every new cell which gets produced after these harmonising therapies will have a unique glow and radiance which makes the skin look young and beautiful.

FOOD MODIFICATIONS: As we know that we are what we eat we need to be very cautious while choosing what we eat. Vedic texts divide mankind into 7 broad groups. Each and every group has its own specific diet regimen along with a set of rules and regulations regarding food intake. At AROGYA DHAATRI doctors identify the group or constitution to which a patient belongs and suggest them suitable diet regimen which is not only easy to follow but also delicious without compromising nutrition. These diet modifications allow the natural changes to take place in our body without any conflicts between food and body.

EXERCISING MIND AND BODY: Brain is also like a muscle which needs lot of exercises before it becomes strong enough to work with its optimum capacity. Individualised breathing techniques which are suitable to the constitution of the patient helps him explore the depths of knowledge with in his own body which itself helps him in healing the unruly cells which tends to overgrow causing psoriasis. Apart from the breathing techniques some specific yogasanas are being taught in AROGYA DHAATRI which helps the psoriasis patients avoid future recurrence of the disease just by spending 20minutes a day.

TAMING THE ELEPHANT : In kerala a baby elephant is tied to a small pole with a weak rope. When it becomes huge it can walk away by plucking the trees to which it is chained. But if it is tied with its childhood weak rope it won’t move an inch. That is the way in which human mind is being tuned nowadays. All the strength which is within is being ignored. So instead of craving for external help one can unleash the internal energy with the help of holistic& vedic therapies which are highly effective in uprooting the toughest diseases like psoriasis permanently. Alarge number of psoriasis patients are leading a positive social life without the fear of exposing the skin after getting treated at AROGYA DHAATRI. Other tough skin diseases like eczema, allergic dermatitis, herpes, leukoderma etc are also getting cured effortlessly at AROGYADHATRI. So, enter the world of vedic science for an escape from the world of suffering.

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