In the present difficult times of Corona Pandemic, we at Arogyadhatri Ayurveda Research Institute have prepared a Immune boosting and anti microbial Kashayam which will help in forming a shield around us to protect us from all infective diseases. we are making the formula public as a contribution to the society in these difficult times. Any one can prepare this and help themselves and their family members. Here is the list of ingredients of Swasthya Raksha Kashayam.

1 – Tinospora Cardifolia ( Guduchi- Samskrit, Tippa teega- Telugu, Giloy – Hindi) 12 parts
2 – Terminalia Chebula( Haritaki- Samskrit, Harad- Hindi, karakkaya- Telugu) 6 parts
3 – Dry Ginger (Sunthi- Samskrit, Sonth- Hindi, Sonthi- Telugu) 3 parts
4 – Holy Basil (Tulasi- Samskrit, Hindi, telugu) 2 parts
5 – Neem (Nimba- Samskrit, Neem- Hindi, Vepa- Telugu) 2 parts
6 – Phyllanthus Niruri (Bhumyamalaki-Samskrit, Nela usiri- Telugu, Bhu Amla -Hindi) 2 parts
7 – Turmeric (Haridra- Samskrit, Pasupu – Telugu, Haldi- Hindi) 1 part
8 – Black Pepper (Maricha – Samskrit, Miriyalu- Telugu, Kali Marich – Hindi) 3 parts
9 – Long Pepper(Pippali – Samskrit, Peepli- Hindi, Pippallu- Telugu) 3 parts
10 – Clove ( Lavanga- Telugu, Deva Kusuma- Samskrit, Laung- Hindi) 1.5 parts
11 – Cinnamon (Dalchini-Hindi, Twak – Samskrit, Dalchini chakka- Telugu)–  1.5 parts
12 – Nutmeg (Jatiphala-Samskrit , Jayaphal – Hindi, Jajikaya- Telugu) 1.5 parts
13 – Mace (Japatri- Samskrit &Telugu, Javitri- Hindi) 1.5 parts
14 – Small Cardamom (Sukshma Ela- Samskrit, Choti Elaichi- Hindi, Chinna Yalakalu- Telugu) 1.5 parts
15- Big Cardamom (Brihat Ela- Samskrit, Badi Elaichi- Hindi, Pedda Yalakalu- Telugu) 1.5 parts
You can make your own Immuneboosting medicine to stay protected from Corona virus. This will form a preventive shield around your family and help you stay safe and Healthy. For more info Visit To contact us send a mail to


Adult: 10 gms of powder+ 100 ml of water boiled down to 25 ml, on empty stomach for 10 days. Children below 10 yrs: Half of adult’s dosage.

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